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Dollars and Dwellings

Regine Etienne

Dollars & Dwellings is a captivating and informative podcast that delves deep into the world of real estate, personal finance, and homeownership. Hosted by Regine Etienne, this podcast offers listeners valuable insights and expert advice on all things related to housing and finances.

Our guests are industry experts, real estate professionals, financial advisors, and homeowners who will share their knowledge and experiences.

 Listeners gain access to insider tips and tricks for navigating the complex world of real estate and personal finance. 

Topics include:

  1. Homeownership Stories
  2. Market Trends and Analysis
  3. Money Matters
  4. Home Improvement and Renovation
  5. Q&A Sessions
  6. Personal Finance Strategies
  7. Current Events

Dollars & Dwellings  fosters a sense of community among its listeners. Regularly featuring success stories from people who have achieved their goals, it encourages others to share their journeys and support one another.

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned real estate investor, or simply interested in improving your financial literacy, Dollars & Dwellings is your go-to podcast for valuable insights, practical tips, and inspirational stories to help you navigate the world of real estate and personal finance with confidence. 

Tune in to achieve your homeownership and financial goals today!

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